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Tips For Travelling Through Europe

In this episode we look at the top tips, planning and how to make the most out of a European Travel. Listen to the audio Travel News Summary: Hi there, and welcome to another show.  In this episode we are going to quickly recap the European summer season market conditions, so if you … [Read more...]

In and Out in Singapore

Singapore’s weather doesn’t vary much throughout the year. It is usually sunny with no distinct seasons, and temperatures averages around 25 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius the entire year. However, most rainfall in Singapore occurs from November to January, so if you want to avoid … [Read more...]

Tips to Make Your NYC Business Trip Run Smoothly

NYC is a fast and vibrant city where time is precious and people’s patience generally run low. Both American and cosmopolitan at the same time, it is a unique city that has rules of its own. Multiculturalism New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, home to people of … [Read more...]

Qantas and Emirates Partnership FAQs Answered

In this episode we look at some of the frquently asked questions about the new Qantas and Emirates partnership Listen to the audio Travel News Summary: Hi I'm Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel, you're watching our news update. In this episode we're going to look at the Qantas and … [Read more...]

How to Do Singapore Business Travel the Right Way

When you travel to Singapore for business, keep in mind these facts so you can be more knowledgeable about the local business culture... Timing Sales calls to Singaporean firms usually begin at 10am or later. Lunch is usually around 12:30pm, and Singaporeans usually like to enjoy a full … [Read more...]

Spring in New York

Springtime brings warmer weather and a chance to discover NYC outdoors. Besides Easter celebrations, you can enjoy the Tribeca Film Festival, walking tours of NYC, and Central Park, among other attractions. The Tribeca Film Festival was launched in 2002 to to celebrate New York City as a … [Read more...]

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward When Traveling to Dubai for Business

Traveling to another country always entails some modification of behavior to fit in with the local culture. Traveling for business adds on another layer of pressure and complexity to the process since your livelihood depends on those meetings going well--one ignorant move can get in the way of you … [Read more...]

If You Haven’t Been to Kauai….

Picture a change in scenery when you get off the plane and officially commence your vacation. Here, the pace of life is relaxing and lazy. Just outside your doorstep every morning are miles of pristine beaches with crystal clear waters where you can enjoy splattering around, swimming, surfing, or … [Read more...]

Qantas and Emirates Get Interim Approval

In this episode we touch on the implications on ACCC's Interim approval on Qantas and Emirates' partnership. Listen to the audio Travel News Summary: Hey there. Jake here from Business Travel Management with another news update. We're going to be speaking about Virgin Australia, about … [Read more...]

Get Status Credits on Frequent Flyer Seats

In this week's travel news, Virgin Australia announces Velocity status credits on reward flights. Listen to the audio Travel News Summary: Hey there.  Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel with another weekly news update. In this episode, we're going to be touching on Virgin, on … [Read more...]

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