Weekly News Recap: 15 July

Coolest converted hotels, Qantas first class lounges, Rental car insurance and Oneworld Alliance Lounge access.

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Hey there, Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel with this week’s news update. I’m going to start with an interesting article I saw published here on news.com.au. It’s about some converted hotels. So there’s a nice listing being published, I think it’s the top 10 or something like that, just going through some of the more interesting properties around the world.

Things like converted schools, converted warehouses. It’s worthwhile having a look at. I’ll link below to that. OK, for platinum status frequent flyer members or Qantas frequent flyer members, here’s a little tip if you’re flying between Melbourne and Sydney.

If you pick one of the flights departing from the international terminal on a domestic route, you’ll get access to Qantas’ first class lounge, which is an awesome product. Much better than business class lounges in both their domestic and international version. There are little caveats in that you probably have to check in a little bit earlier.

I’d recommend about an hour, but given you’re going to the first class lounge, I’m sure you’d want to do that anyway. You can’t do an online check in. You won’t have any problems at all clearing customs and immigration as long as you’ve got photo ID. You’ll also be provided with a little orange sticker on your boarding pass which will allow you to fast track through customs.

So that’s just a quick tip if you’re a platinum frequent flyer and you’ve got a little bit of time before your flight. Pick one of the flights that depart from the international terminal. I’ll link below to an article which will have those current flights at the moment, or you can just give us a call for further details.

Here’s a quick one for anybody renting cars worldwide. Generally, when you’re picking up a vehicle at your location, you get a heap of pressure on from the sales agent regarding buying extra insurance. Now, what I’d suggest you do is check your travel insurance policy before you depart. In most cases, you’re actually covered for this particular insurance.

So, if you’re able to afford the excess on the vehicle, usually between $2,000 and $4,000 up front, you will be able to make a claim on your travel insurance. Generally, if you pay for it upon pick up, you’re going to be charged about $30 a day. So you can avoid that by just ensuring that your travel insurance actually covers it.

OK, we’ll quickly go back to oneworld for a second. If you’re ticketed on a oneworld flight in business class or first class, you actually get access to any of the oneworld partner airline lounges in each of the locations, regardless of who you’re flying with.

For instance in Singapore, Qantas and British Airways business class lounge is second-rate. So you’ll have access to the other oneworld lounges there, so there are better options. Let us know if you’d like some more information on which lounges are actually the best.

That’s it for another week. Thanks very much for tuning in. If you’ve got any feedback or have any queries on any of the topics we’ve discussed this week, feel free to hit reply to the email I’ve sent you or use the Contact Us page on our website. Until next week, enjoy.

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