Weekly News Recap – 1 June

Priority Pass Lounge access, Qantas A380 Seating, Train Travel in Europe, Boeing 787 Dreamliner visits Australia.

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Hi, there. Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel with this week’s news update. I’ve got some quick hints and tips this week, which will be really helpful.

The first involves getting access to lounges worldwide. Now, unless you’re a high [? T ?] status frequent flyer, you often don’t have the ability to use lounges at most airports. Certain airlines do allow you to purchase your way in, but there’s one program which is really good in particular. It’s called Priority Pass, and it’lll have a couple of different membership tiers. But you can effectively get access to certain lounges in most airports around the world at a cost of roughly $30 per visit. So if you’re not doing a huge number of trips per year that you want the comforts and amenities a lounge can offer, I’d suggest checking out that particular program.

Another one relates to Quantas. This is an A380 aircraft and seating. Now, if you’re in economy class, you want to do everything possible to ensure you get a nice, comfortable seat. You can choose to pay for an exit row seat, which would set you back about $160 per leg. There is one seat on the aircraft which is as good as an exit row seat that doesn’t require you to pay for it. It’s 71D.

Now, it’s got a manhole in front of the seat, so there’s no seat there, so you could stretch your legs right out. So it’s a center aisle seat. It does get snapped up very quickly, so you have to be quick. Basically, you’re probably looking at about eight months in advance to be able to get that seat. But if you can, it’s a great trip.

Now, if you’re traveling in Europe and your journey time via train is under five hours, that’s probably going to be a better option than trying to fly. With flying, you’ve obviously got to make your way from generally the city out to an airport, usually 45 minutes to an hour. Check through security, et cetera, et cetera. You’re spending an hour at the airport, an hour of flights. On the other end, trying to get back into your hotel in the cities, usually another hour or two. So total time is usually nothing less than five hours.

With train travel, you’re generally departing from the center of a city to the center of another city. So there’s a lot less hassle being able to jump straight on a train, spending a few hours, seeing some of the countryside, and arriving very closely to your hotel at the destination.

Finally, you may have seen news last week that the Dreamliner visited Australia courtesy of Quantas. It’s going to be released with Jetstar in 2014. The good news, which was just recently announced, was the Quantas is actually purchasing some of these aircraft as well. You can expect to see them in 2014.

That’s it for the week. Very quick and short. If you’ve got any queries at all, please contact me, respond to the email I sent you, or use a contact us form on our website. Take care, and I’ll speak to you next week.

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