Qantas and Emirates Partnership Nears Completion

In this week’s travel news, Qantas and Emirates clears hurdle as their alliance gets tentative approval from the ACCC.

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Travel News Summary:

Hi I’m Jake Hower.  You’re watching Pan Australian Travel’s news update.

In this episode we are going to touch on Qantas and Emirates and update on their partnership.  Qantas has also released a sale.  Virgin have updated their reservation system so there are a few changes there for you to know.  Also we’re going to look at some of the top destinations to travel to in 2013.  Stay tuned to find out more.

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Okay, straight off to the Qantas and Emirates partnership.  We have received conditional approval by the ACCC that was received in late December and looking like right now it’s a formality.  We should have finalization of that shortly, which will mean we’ll get the full data as of the Frequent Flyer program, how it applies to earning points, et cetera.  Stay tuned for that.

In light of that, Qantas have now also started selling some seats on their coach air services with Emirates.  If you’ve been holding out for those through the other ports in Europe they are now available.  The fares aren’t fantastic in most cases at the moment.  They do have great specials out with their Early Bird deals.  This is Qantas and of course Emirates.  If you’re in the market take a look.  You may pick up some of their coach air flights, more than likely not just yet but they’ll be around very soon.

Emirates over the weekend have updated their reservation system.  It doesn’t mean too much for you.  It doesn’t impact you in too many ways.  It means they’ll have better more seamless connections through to their allied partners now across their global network.  They have modified their fares slightly but it shouldn’t really be too implacable or deteriorated to buy anyway.  Just ask one of us or just have a look on their website.  There’s not too much that has changed.  It’s certainly worth pointing out.

Finally just some easy reading for you, The New York Times have posted a really cool article on the forty-six destinations to visit in 2013.  I found it quite interesting some of those places.  I’ll include a link below in the show notes.  I’d check that link out it’s quite entertaining.

All right that’s all we’ve got time for this week.  Thanks very much for tuning in.  We’ll speak again shortly.

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