Scoot Airlines Announce Addition of Dreamliners to their Fleet and Qantas Claim Longest Commercial Flight Route

Scoot Airlines adds Dreamliners to their fleet while Cathay upgrades Premium Economy Cabin amenity kits.

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Travel News Summary:

Hi, this is Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel, bringing you another weekly news update.

In this episode, we’re going to touch on Scoot Airways, on Qantas and Cathay, and also on airline alliances, so keep watching to find out more.

Let’s kick off with Scoot, who we’ve previously mentioned.  They’re a new lost cost airliner from Singapore Airlines, who have a number of routes through Asia, but most notably for us Australians, routes into Sydney and also the Gold Coast.  They have just announced an aircraft order of 20 new Dreamliners, so expect to see route expansions and hopefully upgrades on their services into Australia from 2014 onwards.

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Off to Cathay Pacific.  They’re one of the relatively new players to the premium economy cabin.  All flights out of Melbourne in particular feature the premium economy product now, which is fantastic.  They’ve just announced an upgrade to their amenity kits for premium economy customers.  As far as I’m aware, there aren’t too many other airlines with a premium economy cabin offering this.  Take a look at Cathay.  Their seat dimensions are similar to that of Qantas.  Their aircraft are great.  They’ve all had refurbs out of Australia, so it’s looking really good.  The most important thing is that there are fantastic early bird fares through to Europe with Cathay in premium economy.  They’re sitting at around about $3,600 return, which is incredible, considering that Qantas’s best at the moment is about $6,000, and it’s shows that it’s very good value for money.

Speaking of Qantas, do you know which is the world’s longest airline flight at the moment?  It’s Singapore Airlines.  They hold the top two, into both Singapore-New York and Singapore-LA.  From early next year, that’s going to be held by Qantas on their Sydney-Dulles route.  Singapore Airlines have announced that they’re withdrawing both services through to the States, so Qantas now take the mantle as offering the world’s longest commercial airline flight.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve spoken a lot about the airline alliances.  A question which was posed to me recently is, “How useful are they actually to travelers?”  It’s a very good question, and it’s one I can’t easily answer.  There’s an article on The Age website recently which discusses just that question, so I’ve included that in the show notes below.  Take a look at that and give me your opinion.  What do you think?  Is it really beneficial to you?  Are they just another way for airlines to be getting bums on seats?

That’s it for another episode.  Thanks very much for tuning in, and a special thank you to everybody who submitted some feedback based on my question from last week.  Very much appreciated.  It’s great to actually hear why you do book with us, and I really do appreciate that.  Until next time, take care.

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