Virgin Australia and Qantas Battle for Supremacy Continues

This week we cover Virgin and Etihad’s increase of checked baggage allowance as well as Qantas aiming to fly A330′s exclusively for Melbourne – Perth and Sydney – Perth routes.

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Hi there welcome back to another episode. I’m Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel and you’re watching our weekly news update.

In this episode we’re going to discuss Tiger, Malaysian Airlines, Virgin and Etihad’s boost to checking luggage and Qantas moving to A330’s on the Melbourne-Perth, Sydney-Perth routes so stay watching to find out all the details.

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Before we kickoff I just want to say how much I’m enjoying putting together these weekly videos, its fantastic being able to clout all the information for you. Hopefully you’re enjoying them and getting a little bit out of them.

Okay, first stop the Tiger Airways, we discussed recently that they’ve been purchased by Virgin Australia. Believe it or not, that they have just turned five years old here. It seems not that long ago that they entered the market, but there you go, they’re five years old it was on about the 23rd of November that they turned it. Hopefully they continue to build and become, I guess more competition to Jetstar and keep it nice and low for all travelers in Australia.

  • Malaysia Airlines orders 6 more A380 aircraft.

We’ve also discussed previously the fact that Malaysia Airlines had withdrawn their A380 services out of Australia, good news is they put six more A380’s on order so we can expect I dare say to see them back on Australian routes in the future. It might take a couple of years, but before you know it you’ll be flying A380’s over to Europe when your with Malaysian Airlines.

Right, Virgin and Etihad against Qantas and Emirates, we see them going toe to toe across many different areas of their businesses. The latest one is the announcement that Etihad and Virgin both increase their check in luggage on their international routes up to 30 kilos.

Emirates already do this in economy class were talking. We may very well say Qantas up to 30 kilos if their partnership with Emirates is approved as well. Really this competition or this intense competition is fantastic for us as travelers because it means better fairs, better service on board.

As we can see, it’s some nice little bonuses along the way also. All right sticking to this battle, Virgin will now already fly on a Melbourne-Perth and majority of their Sydney-Perth routes A380’s, the wide bodied aircraft not A380′s, A330′s the dual aisle aircraft which is a really comfortable flight.

Here’s a bit more good news from Qantas they’re going to all A330 services on both they’re Melbourne and Sydney routes across to Perth.

It’s going to mean increased competition more seats, hopefully cheaper prices and of course if you get to fly business class domestically you get nice angled flatbeds with both Airlines. That’s going to take effect from I believe it’s May 2013 if you’re a Qantas customer and are flying to Perth regularly look forward to May.

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Thanks very much for tuning in and we’ll see you again next week.

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