Virgin Australia to buy Skywest and invest in Tiger Airways

Virgin Australia announces investment in Tiger Airways and full purchase of SkyWest, Singapore Airlines invest a 10% stake in Virgin Australia.

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Travel News Summary:

Hi, this is Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel back with another weekly news update.

In this episode, we are going to touch on the recent Virgin Australia acquisitions and speak about a few handy tips while traveling.

Okay, first off to Virgin Australia, and this is really the big, big, big news of the week.  They announced earlier that they’ll be purchasing 60 percent of Tiger Airways keeping it as its own brand, which I guess is a good thing.

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The other thing that they’ve announced is that we’re purchasing 100 percent of SkyWest.  With those two acquisitions they’re covering a lot of the fly-in and fly-out market in terms of the mining customs mainly.  SkyWest operates mostly out of WA, but with the Tiger acquisition they will also be covering the low cost market as well to compete head-on with Jet Star.

Now what that means is that Virgin Australia is set up much in a similar way to what Qantas is now.  However, Virgin has some amazing investment backers in their airline partners right now because the other news is that Singapore Airlines have purchased a 10 percent stake in Virgin as well.  That leaves Air New Zealand, Etihad, Singapore Airlines and Richard Branson’s as the main shareholders of Virgin Australia.  They’re really positioning themselves to take on the world, literally, and compete head-on with Qantas.  It’s really interesting to see, and I think it really… at this stage we’re not exactly sure how everything is going to settle out.  It certainly means that, I think it is going to be a massive benefit to all travelers, particularly on the domestic network, but also internationally as well.

  • Handy Travel Tips to Improve Your Travel Experience

Now here’s a few little handy tips that I’ve pick up off on of our recent travelers returning from a month where he spent in the US and also in Europe.  First off, when you’re traveling through airports, pack all your belongings or everything that would be on yourself inside your backpack or your carryon luggage.  That way you’re not having to stop at security to empty your pockets, take off your belt, and then put it all back on and pull it all back off once you get through the other side of security.  Pop it all into your bag, just then it will speed up the process through there.

Another good thing that you can do is if you’re wearing a jacket with an interior pocket, that’s a good place to keep your passport and boarding pass.  That way what you can do when you hop on board the aircraft is you can put all your luggage up in the cabins then keep your jacket or your hoodie on yourself with your passport, with your boarding pass and you can fill out an immigration card very quickly without having to get back up to your luggage.

When you are travel in countries that don’t speak English, it’s hard to actually pick up their language without doing a lot of study prior.  What you should consider doing is learning numbers, or learning the basic numbers.  You’re using numbers all the time and particularly in places like France and Italy where they don’t speak a lot of English in many places, just knowing how many people you want a table reservation for, or little things like that, your room number or the street number for the taxi really helps.  Look at learning at least the digits if you’re traveling the countries that don’t speak English.

That’s it for another week.  Thanks very much for tuning in.  I’ve kept it short and sharp for you.  Hopefully you have a good weekend and we’ll speak to you again shortly.

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