Weekly News Recap – 10 June

Building strong relationships, Marriott Sydney Harbour Hotel, Circular Quay Railway Station, The Rocks, Manly Ferries, Darling Harbour and Sydney Airport

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Hi, there. Jake Hower from Pan Australian Travel bringing you the weekly news update.

I’m reporting to you from Sydney this week. I’m up here attending a networking function from the industry. Now, this is something I do every two months or so, and it’s really important for me to actually get up here and do this. What it actually means is that we can build really strong relationships with some of our industry suppliers, i.e., airlines, hotel partners, et cetera, et cetera.

Now, it’s done on the back end so that we can deliver a full service to you guys. You may think that a travel agent is only going to be able to offer you great prices, which of course we do. But that’s only half of their job. The other half is being able to fix up any problems should they arise.

Now, being as it is that we’re basically a third party in a transaction, we can’t always control the end product, i.e., an airline, or a booking with an airline, or potentially a hotel room being unavailable when you actually arrive at the destination. Sometimes these are just totally out of our control. What we do do is make sure we’re dealing with partners who we rely on, and we trust, and we’ve got this really strong relationship with, so we can actually, I guess, quality control and hopefully improve the standard so it doesn’t happen very often.

But when it does, like any other industry– I’m sure like your industry– the travel industry is based on relationships. And that’s how we actually get a lot of the things done behind the scenes. So long story short, I’m up here attending an event where I basically just have a few drinks with some colleagues and some of our partners so that when we actually do need to call on their help, they’re there to back us up, which in turn backs you up as well.

Now, just a couple other quick things about Sydney. I’m staying here today at the Marriott Sydney Harbor Hotel. This is probably my favorite hotel in Sydney. It’s about 200 meters from Circular Quay Station. Now, I like that because it’s got easy access into The Rocks. Also to the Manly Ferry. It’s a train station back from Darling Harbour, so it’s a really good position for all of that.

The main benefit for me is the ease of getting to the airport. Unlike Melbourne, Sydney has a fantastic rail system from the airport. Return basically from the airport into here is about 10 minutes, and then a 200 meter walk to the hotel, so that’s brilliant. Cost for that is about $16 each way. Compare that to a taxi, which is probably 30 to 45 minutes to this same spot and will set me back about $45. So I really do push the train up here in Sydney. It’s a really good service.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll resume as normal next week with a bit more in depth news. If you’ve got any queries in the meantime, just hit Reply to that email I’ve sent you, or head across to the Contact Us page on this side, and shoot me an email, and I’ll get straight back to you.

Thanks very much, and I’ll speak to you next week.

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