Your perfect holiday, not someone else’s

Pan Australian Travel helps discerning travellers plan their perfect international holiday. We won’t try to sell you the discount package of the week. Instead, we’ll go beyond the brochures and listen to what you want from a holiday. We’ll put together a tailored package that includes:

  • flights on top-tier airlines with the least possible airport transit time
  • your preferred style of accommodation – anything from a quaint country cottage to a 5-star room with a view
  • the most convenient car hire, the most informative tours, and whatever else you need to get the dream holiday you want

Travel in style. You’ve earned it.

When you were younger, an overseas trip was such an adventure that you were happy to rough it with the cheapest available travel and accommodation. But let’s be honest: over time, grotty backpacker travel has lost its charm.

Now you’ve grown up, you need a travel agency that understands grown-up needs. At Pan Australian Travel, our customers aren’t backpackers or budget travellers. Instead, our boutique service caters for discerning travellers looking for unique 4 and 5 star experiences.

We know how important it is to get the little details right. You’re still looking for good value, but you’d rather have the perfect holiday than the cheapest.

We also know that great service matters to you. That’s why we guarantee you’ll be happy with our service: if not, we’ll refund all agency fees.

Why settle for less than your dream holiday?

When people visit a travel agent to plan a holiday, they usually have something unique and special in mind. The sad thing is, most of them don’t get what they’re looking for. They end up making compromises, not because they’re short on funds, but because their imagination is too big for their travel agent’s expertise.

That won’t happen with Pan Australian Travel. Just tell us what you’re dreaming of and watch us go. Whether it’s a grand tour of Europe, a luxury getaway in South-East Asia, or getting back to nature with an expedition or safari camp, we know how to make dreams happen.

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